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Live your Fire
Facial diagnosis

Live your Fire

Inner and Outer Abundance

St. Johann 8; 91056 Erlangen; Germany
Tel. 09131 42650
07.10 - 09.10.2016 in the Healing Castle Schloss Schochwitz (nr. Halle)
Tantra of the Heart
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In a wonderful spa hotel in Austria on the border with the Czech Republic, with a view of the Alps and the Moldau.

In the well-known AVIVA Hotel, A-4170 St. Stefan a. Walde; Oberösterreich; Tel. +43 721637600
You can discover wonderful landscapes, be spoilt, play golf, try out a super canopy walks; climb in the high level ropes, hike and bike.
Description of Seminar

This seminar is not only about commicating knowledge and wisdom. It's also about starting gentle processes to help us come back full to life and love. Only a loved life is a really lived life.

  • Experience the joy of life
  • Live and express your fire
  • Feel your creativity
  • Experience your very attractive male and female charisma
  • Access your real power and inner strength
  • Experience your inner and outer wealth
  • Develop real love for oneself and in your relationship
  • Health for body and mind
  • Rejuvenation
  • More awareness
  • Release healing energy
  • Discover new aspects to sexuality and love
  • Feel deeply satisfying happiness

Book recommendation
Seminar leader: Bernd Fritscher

Worked for over 25 years with people in seminars and also one-on-one in his practice for alternative medicine; In the areas of health; meditation, medium; rejuvenation; tantra; yoga; government research; head of Office-Health-Management; and much more.

He has studied (with): Johannes Sauter; Janet Goodrich; Lama Lobsang; Social Rinpoche; Path of Love; Skydancing in Germany, Skydancing Teacher with Margot Anand; Stephen Gilligan; Robert Fischer; Rosina Sonnenschmidt; ...


Fri. 21.11.2014 5pm - 8pm
Sat. 22.11.2014 10am - 1pm and 4pm - 8pm
Sun. 23.11.2014 10am - 3.30pm (with 1hr lunch break)


Up to 31st Oct 2014 only €99; for a group of more than four people €80 per person.
After 31st Oct. 2014: €290; registration as couple - €260 each
Hotel costs: €250 per person (full board with breakfast buffet, lunch, coffee, evening meal, sauna and spa .... )

Contact for registrations

We ask for a written registration by post:

Ines Riesen – 015771702255 –
Johannes-Brahm-Str. 12; 91413 Neustadt a.d. Aisch

Or online here:
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This registration is binding. Please transfer the cost of the seminar to the following account at the Sparkasse Erlangen:
IBAN: DE317635 00000060063489

Cancellations after 14th November will be charged the full seminar fee. Before 14th November 30% of the seminar fee will be charged. A block booking has been made at the hotel for the seminar. If the seminar should have to be cancelled due to an insufficient number of participants, we reserve the right to cancel the seminar and transfer your money back.

You can also download this page in German as a pdf here.

Lebe Dein Feuer
Facial diagnosis

— Facial diagnosis as the Path to Health —

Bernd Fritscher has given seminars since 2008: For companies and also open courses

Facial diagnosis as the Path to Health
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Face Reading and Healing
17 - 21 Uhr
Naturheilpraxis Bernd Fritscher
09131 42650

Facial diagnosis - the path to yourself and others
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For more seminars on facial diagnosis please call 09131 42650.

Facial diagnosis is one of the oldest forms of knowledge of human nature. As the old saying goes, the face is the mirror of the soul. Looking into someone's face, a trained therapist can not only recognize the psychological but also the physical condition of the patient. There are over 500 signs which can be read from the face. These methods were developed by Mr. Hutter. What lies behind this diagnostic technique is an attempt to more fully understand the personality and uniqueness of a person and then to use her/his potential to strengthen and support them.

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